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The Viltrumites

Viltrum is a lush, beautiful world ruled by a race of cruel beings with godlike powers. Viltrum has a carbon rich atmosphere and gravity 1.25 times that of earth. Once rich in resources, the natural wealth of Viltrum has long been depleted. Viltrum is renowned for its verdant rain forests and surreal glass deserts, but is plagued by earthquakes and methane storms. The prime inhabitants of Viltrum are the Viltrumites, an advanced humanoid race of immense physical power and imperial ambitions who dominate Viltrum and every other inhabitable within hundreds of light years. Each Viltrumite can fly and possesses incredible strength, speed, and invulnerability, as well as other "superhuman" powers. Viltrumites age very slowly as well, living for thousands of years. The Viltrumites physical power and near-immortality have strongly influenced their society, creating a species-wide superiority complex and the sense that they are destined to rule lesser beings.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, before they set off to conquer the stars, Viltrum was rocked by a horrific civil war. Those Viltrumites that vauled strength and believed in their natural superiority decided to expunge the weak from the planet, and set upn those who opposed them or were deemed unfit in a global bloodbath called The Purging. Years later, the planet lay in ruins and half the population had died, but at last the weak had been eliminated. From that point on, Viltrumites adopted a brutal doctrine of eugenics meaning only the strong were allowed to survive on Viltrum.

Viltrum was rebuilt by its superhuman population, who then set their sights on creating a galactic empire. The Viltrumites established the World Conquering Committee, an organization responsible for the expansion of the empire. The pattern was always the same: a planet targeted for assimilation would be offered a chance to willingly join the empire in partonage. Those that refused were destroyed by an ary of flying supermen.

After thousands of years of expansion, the Viltrumites reached their limit. Their supply lines were stretched to the limit and they no longer had the ability to dispatch an army to each planet they wanted to conquer. For a time they used proxy armies conscripted from planets that they had already conqured as invasion forces, but it was clear that the booming rate of growth that they had seen for a millennia had come to an end.

A new strategy was needed. Selected soldiers on the World Conquering Committee were tasked with preparing suitable planets for inclusion into the empire. These vanguards were sent on 500-year long missions to the targeted planet where they would study the inhabitants, eliminate the defenses, and prepare the natives for the coming invasion. The most noteworthy Viltrumite vanguard was Nolan (Omni-Man), a veteran warrior who was responsible for preparing earth for takeover before he abandoned his post.

The only fource willing to directly challenge Viltrumite expansion is the Coalition of Planets. A galactic federation led by The Great Thaedus, secretly a Viltrumite himself who opposes his races doctrine of subjugation and oppression.

Known Viltrumites:
General Kregg

Oliver Grayson