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The Guardians of the Globe

The Guardians of the Globe are a superhero team made up of members that are the strongest on the planet and they protect the world from outside threats. Some are human, some are alien and some have other mysterious origins. There have been two incarnations of the Guardians of the Globe. The first was a group of super powered adults including: Omni-Man, The Immortal, Black Samson, Green Ghost, Aquarus, Martian Man and the original Darkwing. They were incredibly powerful and could handle any threat with little to no difficulty. They were led by Omni-Man, the most powerful of them all. He was an alien sent to conquer Earth but he had instead become a part of it and helped to protect it. This didn't last however. He turned against the other Guardians and killed them with ease. The only one to survive was The Immortal, but only because after he died, he came back to life.

The second incarnation of the Guardians of the Globe was created after Omni-Man left the planet. It was re-created under the governments power by Cecil, and was led by Robot. The team was brought together via a mass tryout. I was during this time that Rex-Plode, Dupli-Kate, Monster Girl, Bulletproof, and Shrinking Rey were added to the roster. Robot also extended an invitation to Invincible, but he respectfully declined.

After a short run, it was decided that the team was less than half as effective as the first team. To help fix this problem, Cecil re-hired the Immortal and placed him in the team as a sort of Veteran Advisor. Robot could not tell him what to do, and vise versa. Further more, Immortal could not lead the team. This team ran allot smoother until they discovered that Cecil had been hiring known killers, creating a mass of zombie robots called Reanimen for the government, and that he was trying to control Invincible, a majority of the new team quit.

Now re-re--building, the Guardians have kept a pretty low profile. But rest assured, the team will grow, and the Guardians will rise again.

Current Roster:
The Brit
Black Samson
The Shapesmith
El Chupacabra

Honorary Member:
Aquarus II

Former Members:
Darkwing I
War Woman
Aquarus I
Green Ghost
Red Rush
Martian Man
The Immortal
Rex Splode
Monster Girl
Shrinking Ray
Darkwing II