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The Allies

At the end of the 1960s, after the disbanding of the Allies, Hulver Ramik was contracted to bring in nearly all superheroes, including Professor Night, Twilight, Spacehunter, Janet Planet, the Fisherman, Skipper, the Stormbirds, the Conquerors of the Uncanny, Mark Tyme, Dimensioneer, Jungle Jack Flynn and Blake Baron and entrapped them in special prison cells in his prison in his home dimension for sale. In this dimension, and even more so in the cells, time flows really slow in comparison to Earth's dimension and as over 20 years had passed on Earth only a few weeks had passed in Ramik's dimension, and only a couple of minutes in the cells. As the Slaver was awaiting his client, Optilux, to sell them all off, the Allies, led by Supreme, showed up, defeated Ramik and Optilux and set all the lost heroes free. Led by Fighting American, they are the one team to call when the world is in trouble.

Fighting American
Thunder God