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Robot was the leader of the Teen Team, consisting of Dupli-Kate, Rex Splode, and Atom Eve. His dedication to his work, as well as his accomplishments, earned him an invitation to try out for the Guardians of the Globe. Since the Teen Team was getting older anyway, Robot thought it best to disband the team. It was shortly after that the Guardians of the Globe were slaughtered by Omni-Man. The government quickly put Robot in charge of recruiting new members for a new team, placing him as the leader.

Robot's new team did not meet the standards of Cecil Stedman, the government agent ultimately responsible for the Guardians of the Globe. After one set of warnings, Bulletproof was forcibly added to the membership, and the Immortal was enlisted as a consultant, with Robot still in charge. However, after more sub-standard performances, Robot was fired as leader. The Immortal was put in charge, and Robot stayed on as a member.

During this time, Robot had been collecting DNA samples for a horribly deformed individual. This person was stunted in growth with malformed skin, and could not survive outside of a specially designed cocoon. Robot then enlisted the help of the Mauler Twins to copy the mind of this person into a cloned, young version of Rex Splode's body. When this was completed, the sickly, stunted genius asked the new clone to end his misery. While the clone complied, the Mauler Twins requested the rest of their payment. The clone stated that the twins would not get their payment, but would be sent back to jail. Robot appeared and attacked the twins.

The Mauler Twins defeated Robot, and haughtily threatened the young clone. Scoffing, the clone stated that they had accomplished nothing. He was Robot. Robot was nothing more than a tool for his mind to control. The clone then brought out another, more powerful version of Robot to attack the Mauler Twins. After defeating the Mauler Twins and returning them to prison, the clone went to Cecil Stedman and told him the whole story - that he was Robot, his mind was now in a young, cloned version of Rex, that he used the Mauler Twins, etc. Still calling himself Robot, he asked to remain as a member of the Guardians. His request was granted.

Robot has started a relationship with Monster Girl. At this time, MG prefers to remain just friends, but it is possible Robot has larger plans. With the Immortal no longer leading the Guardians, it appears Robot may get his old job back.

Current Form:

Other Forms:
Robot (Large Armor)
Robot (Clone Body)